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sho1234 , 06 Mar 2011

eyebrow pulling aswel-espec after picked

I pluck my eyebrows for a release. I go for the ones with a darker root as those are ones which give a nice sensation. Those hairs have a plump black root-wen i pluck them out-feels numbish. The thin ones without a darkish or thicker root but a white root bottom just hurt and dont give me that 'feeling'. So i search for the others. Relate?
1 Answer
March 07, 2011
Yup, totally relate. My problem is picking at spots on my skin (which are usually invisable to anyone else, until I turn them into big red sores!) but I also get a similar satisfaction from plucking my eyebrows, and if I start doing that it often leads to me picking my skin. In fact, for years and years I had a major problem with plucking the hairs on my legs with a pair of tweezers. My legs looked like they were covered in a rash from where I had plucked the hairs, and had loads of sores where I would dig ingrowing hairs out with tweezers. I probably didn't wear a skirt for 10 years (i'm 25) and now have permanent big patches of dark skin which I think was caused by the trauma I did my skin back then. Somehow I managed to stop doing that, but my face picking has gotten much worse since I stopped. So yes, I relate. You aren't alone.

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