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REH5057 , 07 Mar 2011

Motivations to Stop

I've 22 and I've been picking scabs on my back for about 7-8 years now. I got my first real boyfriend about three months ago and when we first started out, I completely stopped picking. I went cold turkey because I felt confident and sexy and I wanted to look good for him. Unfortunately, this wore off and I began picking again. But I now KNOW that I CAN stop. It's a matter of wanting to stop badly enough. Here are the reasons I've decided to stop once and for all: I want to wear cute dresses that show a little back to them, I want to wear bathing suits to the beach and lie out by the pool without worrying people are starring, I don't want to be in pain when the hot water of a shower hits my back or when I scrub that area, I want to get back massages from my boyfriend and be confident enough to do it doggy style. Most of all, I just want to feel healthy, sexy, and desirable. I see women on this site that are married and haven't told their husbands about their picking. I can't believe this. Yes, it's shameful but I can't explain how important it is that you tell your mate. My boyfriend knows about my problem and he is extremely supportive and understanding. He stops me when he notices I'm picking and he even helps me apply bandaids to my back (a tough thing to do by yourself). The fact that he is there and rooting me on to heal myself, is probably the greatest motivator. So ladies, come clean to your men. Your flaws are as much a part of you as your beauties. If they don't stick around, they didn't deserve you in the first place.
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March 08, 2011
well said! i think i need to expose this to my husband. thanks for the supportive words

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