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pickleface , 07 Mar 2011

i'm new

Hello. i'm new here. just overwhelmed by my picking and have done it most of my life. I don't understand why it comes and goes. i've always had some sort of achne but my picking makes it ten times worse. i too am afraid to leave my house....i notice that i have a problem because i actually set time aside in my life to pick. i also feel it's a secret that i don't want anyone to know about....but then i can it be a secret! my face looks like a battle ground. i not only pick my face's my arms, legs..and yes even my Bum! i'm embarassed to have sex with my husband for fear that he would feel where i pick. i'm just hoping that there are people out there who understand and can help. another summer is coming and i'm dredding it...just dredding showing my skin. help!
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March 08, 2011
I feel your pain! I too have picked since childhood. Right now I am on my way to recovery! I am doing my best anyways. I have so many open wounds as well on face, back, butt, arms. I have been buying those little spot bandaids and neosporin (for the scarring). After a bath I pick one area to focus on, like my back. I will put those bandaids and neosporin on all the wounds on my back. When I start to try to pick there again, I stop myself. I try not to worry to much about picking the other areas , that way it isn't too much all at once. After about 4 or 5 days I have been taking off the bandaids and the wounds are mostly healed. Then I move on to another area! So far it has been working pretty good. I know the bandaids are just as unsightly as the wounds, but I too am home most of the time, so no one can see them. I did confide in my husband finally though, and that has made it easier. He keeps me accountable. After doing this for so long it is so hard to just stop cold turkey! And you will have fall backs, but just keep on keeping on!!!! We can break this habit together. And the best thing is after your face starts to heal (Which i dont use badaids on for obvious reasons) You feel better about yourself and it gets easier not to pick. Its nice to have smooth skin!
March 08, 2011

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thanks for your reply polkadot. I do the same thing with bandaides. Even take them with me when I travel so afraid of bleeding on somebody's sheets, furniture and my clothing. I've been one day on this journey picked a little this morning ...just a tiny then stopped. try to redirect my hands. I wonder sometimes if I don't pick because I don't really want to face people or face the world. has me thinking now. I am disabled due to a few auto-immune diseases. Crohns, Fibro and Diabetes. I don't leave the house often because well...I am home bound most of the time. I remember clearly though that when I was diagnosed with Crohns (o5') the pain was so bad that I remember telling myself If i pick the back of my legs when I'm on the toilet in pain helps divert the pain. Sounds silly to some I'm sure. But, by doing this I started something with myself. Unleashed the "picker monster"!! After reading some threads here I realized that I was a thumb sucker then a nail a picker. Seems I've just moved the addictive nature around. Any thoughts?

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