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anonymous31894 , 08 Mar 2011

checking in

Hi all, I've been posting a lot lately and its helped me get through 11 days and I'm now on day 12(more than halfway, its crazy). I don't really miss picking unless I remove a whitehead-- then I realize that my hands and eyes are scanning my face for the next spot and I stop immediately, so be careful with that. Anyway, my skin is really clear and its awesome, but the clearer it gets the more frustrated I am with myself that I have this problem because without zit/scab imperfections I have pink scars from past problems....granted, they take less time than scabs to cover with make up, but its still quite depressing. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for coping with that. In this war there are many battles I suppose..
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March 08, 2011
Hi I'm new here..I'm Pickleface. I understand what you are saying. When I stop for a few days I get frustrated at all the scars....then I'm like who cares..and just go for it. Really not the smartest thing to do. I think it boils down for me to: I want it perfect. An extreme way of thinking ...all or nothing. If I think back to most of my ways of thinking they are "wrong" thinking. I should be o.k. with my face just being. Soooo in saying that ...I'm gonna go with that thought for a few days and just be.

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