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sho1234 , 08 Mar 2011

I cant do it. l cant leave a blocked pore.

Ive just gone over and squeezed another 2 scars over marks that hav bin there for weeks. There cant be any clogged pores/definitly no blackheads on face! I cant ignore it/leave it. Then more wil appear and il start to feel awful. I got the doctors tomorow-what do i say-how do i put it. Im so upset. Red spots i can leave-whiteheads i can leave. Scabs-i can leave. Its the pores. I dont want them to expand and turn into blackhead. I dont feel normal-y am i so obsessd about it!
3 Answers
March 09, 2011
I HATE BLOCKED PORES SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. I just cannot leave them alone. This is why I am trying never to look at my skin - big mistake today was looking close up at my face and just couldn't help it after that :( keep trying... we will stop this one day.
March 09, 2011
i completely understand!!! i had a terrible day "blocked pores" wise. so don't you worry, you're not alone in your thinking! i don't know what the answer is, but i'm trying to tell myself that life/god wouldn't put anything in my skin that wasn't supposed to be there. i don't know if that's true or what, but i'm trying to BREATHE, relax, and NOT touch my skin no matter what. good luck :)
March 09, 2011
Yes-aw i know-its so dificult. I supose we cant keep doing this for the rest of our life. This cant be doing the pores any good. Im going to try leave the skin until the end of march then look at the improvement on my skin. Garlic shrinks spots. My bro had bad blackheads on his nose. Mums bin rubbing bit of garlic on it few times a day lol. And i do see a big improvement. Omg mashed potatoe works for clogged pores too-mix it up leave on face for 15 mins and wash off. I should rele try leave it from now and rely on natural methods like these - not my fingers! Im avoiding mirrors from now!!

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