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lexyw , 09 Mar 2011

skin picking conference in SF

hi everyone! is anyone else going to the conference in SF april 29 - may 1? i was really really scared when i first heard about it. but now that i'm becoming more and more aware about my problems and how pervasive this disorder is, i almost can't imagine a reason not to go! i can't live my life this way forever. tonight, my boyfriend told me that the only time i will ever need to be sorry (i apologize to him a lot) is if i give up. i was shocked! i can't give up! i will NOT live my life like this. so, anyways, just wanted to get the word out about the event - i had no freaking clue this was available. and after reading about it, i'm thrilled at how amazing it sounds, and how many doctors and specialists will be there. let me know if you're'd be nice to meet a friendly forum poster :) here's the site -

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