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skinpicked , 09 Mar 2011

Newbie wanting to share

Just the relief that somewhere like this exists....thank you! I've suffered from this for about 15 years and I just can't stop. My face is scarred not from acne but from this compulsion to pick. I always carry a little mirror in my pocket so that I can check my face at any time. I also have to check my face under different lights before I leave the house. My face always seems to me to be unclean or clogged. I come from home from work and feel so ashamed that my colleagues must look at my face and think I don't wash. It's this constant checking that inevitably drives me to squeeze spots, blackheads, and pores in an effort to make my face perfect. Herein lies the problem (as you are all aware) as this can only lead to scabs, sores, and scars which in themselves result in more anxiety and more make-up. I can't believe how much time, effort and money I've wasted striving for this perfection and trying to combat all of these perceived and now real flaws that I have. I wish I didn't care how I looked and I certainly don't judge others on appearance. In fact I'm incredibly sensitive and I can't stand bitchy women who have to comment on how others look. I need to stop this. I'm thinking of having hypnotherapy - has anyone tried this method? Thank you so much everyone and I hope you all find your way out. x
3 Answers
March 09, 2011
Yes,women are soo cruel to other women. Only cos they r insecure tho. I would say leave your pocket mirror at home and avoid mirrors. Garlic -by cutting it in half and rubbing a bit on affected areas 2 times a day rele helps. Natural methods are good. Mashed potatoe with a bit of milk mixed is a great mask for clogged pores/blackheads. And for red spots-whiteheads-lil bit of tee tree oil will dry them up. Drinking plenty of water and eat plenty fruit n veg. Do all this and avoid mirrors for 3 weeks-then look in mirror-u will see an improvement defo defo! For scars lavender oil in basin-then rinse. Aloe vera lotion (not the gel), francincense oil in basin. Green tea, cucumber juice. X
March 12, 2011
Definitely get rid of the pocket mirror. You may think it's helping you but, in this case, it is NOT your friend. I use to tweeze my eye brows until they were raw and bleeding. Finally, I physically took my tweezers and chucked them into the woods behind my house. Gone. Also, since it isn't logical for you to NEVER come in contact with mirrors, it would be a good idea to get a timer and allot yourself only a certain amount of time in front of the mirror for mornings and nights. If you find yourself picking at your face during your down time like watching tv or driving, wear cotton gloves. You'll feel a little silly but you're skin will thank you for it. I would also by an exfoliating scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. Something just the fact that my skin feels smoother and softer will keep me from picking at it. Hope this helps!

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