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Blisscreek , 10 Mar 2011

I thought I was doing really good...

I thought I was doing really good, I went 10 days with very minimum picking. My face was looking so good....and then it happened last night. I picked till I looked ugly :( Now today...I called into work you know cuz I have the "flu" as I hide out at home alone while my face heals. I sit here and I can feel my chin just ache. Why do I do this, what do I get out of it? I know I hate it. Tomorrow is another day to try and stop picking...
1 Answer
March 13, 2011
I've got a similar problem... I managed six days without biting or picking at my fingers but then I broke down after I had a night with barely any sleep (I was so smashed I didn't even notice what was going on around me). I'm going to try again now that I've managed to catch up on the sleep. Hope you do better than I did last time ;)

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