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popcorn , 14 Mar 2011

First time user, long time picker

I've been picking my scabs, eating my nails and picking my cuticles for as long as I can remember. Until last night when my fiance stumbled across this website, I knew picking my scabs was wrong, but I was in a serious case of denial. For the past 27 years (lets assume I started picking straight out of the womb, I probably did....) I have been told off to not pick my scabs. "Stop it! Mind over matter. If you want to stop you can". Clearly I couldn't, last count, I have 16 scabs that are nice and red and stumpy nails. Sorry mum, but your 'mind over matter' comment didn't do the trick. I have red dots all over my legs, that I know look hideous, but I just accept that is who I am, they are just 'bug bites', everyone gets bug bites. Other people's bug bites don't become craters and hang around for a couple of months. Nothing a pair of jeans can't fix though. Since reading that other people have this problem, I actually feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It's not just me picking my scabs. There is more to it. I'm excited about reading about causes and treatments. There is a little shining light at the end of the tunnel. I will be reading this forum regularly to get inspiration from you all to try and kick the habit (i'm getting married next year and would like to be a spotless bride!). Looking forward to chatting with you all. Q of the day: what's the line you pull when someone asks "ouch, that looks sore, what did you do to yourself?" Mine is: Mosquitos love me and I react really badly to the bites. (I give that a 1/5)
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March 14, 2011
hi, im new on here too, and it dont look like they want to respond to us, so ill try to give you some advice if i can, although i cant even take my own advice lol first of all what you should do is keep the scabs moisturised at all times and even cover with plasters. i did that for a while but always found myself sub consiously picking at the plaster instead...i just love picking, then the plaster would finally be pulled off to expose the softened scab which i was convinced needed removing to reveal the lovely fresh skin underneath, but of course we all know differently and in reality it shouldnt be touched until its completely healed. i went on holiday, only for a week, to cyprus, and in that week, what with the sun cream on daily and the suns rays penetrating my skin, i come home without a single scab, but i have scars where they were, but it was brilliant, but unfortunatly never stopped my crazy habit, and very soon i was picking away again, making what started off as a miniscule spec of dry skin into an angry thick scab screaming out at me to pick, pick pick!!! you should try to keep a tube of cream with you and whenever you feel the urge to pick, rub some cream in instead and get some kind of pleasure out of massaging rather than picking...see if it works for you...hope so. x

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