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bobydob , 17 Mar 2011

i pick too you know???

are you all friends on here, cos you all seem to comment on each others stuff, but totally ignored mine??
6 Answers
March 17, 2011
There's no need to get angry. There's lots of new people on here including me. Maybe try commenting on someone else's thread and respond to other people in order to start a dialogue. Possibly the reason no-one is replying to you is that you don't seem to have a very good attitude at the moment, especially from the tone of this thread. There's no obligation on anyone here to reply to you. Everyone here has their own struggles. We're trying to help each other, not demand attention.
March 17, 2011
hey boby! i've posted a few things too with no response. honestly, i've learned that it's easier to jump into existing threads. for me, as a participant/reader, sometimes when i'm reading i want to comment on EVERYTHING!!! it gets overwhelming and then sometimes i don't comment at all. so don't worry, i don't think it's an indication of feelings toward you (i thought i had good posts that would get responses too hahaha). stay positive, good luck being pick free today!

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