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AndreaAnonymous , 19 Mar 2011

Day 1

ok I have made a decision to apply the 12 steps to my uncontrollable picking of my face. I am presently suffering from my 3rd bout of impetigo and I am done, I admit defeat. I am powerless over picking and my life has become unmanageable. OK so to take step 1 I admitted powerlessness. I wrote a letter describing in gory detail five of the worst experiences i have had as a result of my picking. I wrote a paragraph on each. Then in the margin of each paragraph I wrote the feelings that were evoked by these sprees. Example, disgusted, humiliated, frantic, pain, depression etc. I sealed this note in an envelope and wrote on the front "Open this if you doubt that you are powerless over picking" I tacked it onto the bathroom mirror. oh yeah I also included a blown up picture of my face after a picking frenzy. If I ever think that i canpick just one I am to open the letter and call my sponsor. (AA sponsor) Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.
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