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March 21, 2011

I am new as well and am ready to stop for good (or finally feel IN CONTROL). I am 31 and have been and on and off skin picker since as long as I can remember- varying in degree of severity from practically non existent to incapacitating (guess where I am at now? :( ...) I also go overboard with extractions, I focus on my face; though at one time I shifted to my lower legs and bikin line (ingrown hairs after waxing sensitive skin) that gave me a new 'obsession' for a few years of finding hairs and bumps and self concious of yet another part of my body (argh.....). Anyhow, I also see a pdoc and therapist and am looking forward to the rest of my life NOT BEING DEFINED BY THIS. I recently relapsed after a breakout caused by hairspray that I picked to pieces and now I see how out of control it has (always) been. I am doing the 12 steps from Stop Picking on Me, trying to discover my triggers, and my biggest motivation is seeing how limited my life is by this and therefore little girl's life too. She drew a picture of "mommy" and I had dots all over my face and it was heart breaking to know she was aware of it. I AM SO VERY READY!