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Lissy , 22 Mar 2011

I think that irritation, or stress sets me off!

Let's just preface this by saying... I'm only just now realizing that "skin-picking" is more than just my own personal neurosis. I've made a pact to not touch my skin this week. However, today, I had an online history exam. In my online classes at a Sophmore level, they've always been open book. I still read because the time limit is such that you HAVE To know your material. Anyways, I started my test today. I forgot a few of the answers to the questions, and instead of looking them up, I sat there and picked on my head. Disgusting... I know. It didn't help anything, but it soothed me for some reason. Once I realized what I was doing, and that it was entirely unproductive, I moved on. But I think that for me, picking is almost a first response to stress. Kind of sad... I hope that I can get over this! My skin will look war torn until I can either way :-(
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March 22, 2011
hi lissy! I'm a student too and I have the exact same problem! esp when im sitting for hours and hours studying. something I've been trying this week is to wear gloves while im doing homework. I can still read and highlight and even type but I can't pick at all!! jut an idea. good luck tomorrow! gosh just thinking about you picking instead of looking the answers up is like looking in a mirror for me!

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