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violentmonkey , 26 Aug 2008


I drifted into this site via Facebook group. I am trying desperately to locate some information, someone to talk to, etc, about this. I see a councellor, but, bless her heart, she's much to general so to speak, and doesn't know much about skin picking. I don't want to see someone more specialized because I don't like talking about it much. I live in a sketchy neighborhood though and I work in a coffee shop where my uniform shirt is short sleeved. I get a lot of questions about my arms. Some people even ask if I do meth. Outside work, I wear long sleeves, even in the summer. I am a 25 year old tomboy. I love to bike and snowboard. I have ADHD and FAE, which stands for Fetal Alcohol Effect. It's different from the syndrome because it doesn't come with the physical defects that effect Fetal Alcohol Syndrome individuals. It causes me to have lack of priority and difficulty doing important things like cleaning, hyeigene, etc, although I have gotten better. I also have bipolar, and have cut before. My bipolar isn't that bad anymore, although these days since a taumatic move, I have been feeling down a lot. I pick at my arms compulsively. My hand has a huge hole in it. I have scabs and scars all over the place. I even at times pick my breasts and other parts of my body, but mostly my arms. I feel comfort when I am engaging in it, but I feel like crap after the damage has been done.

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