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Bitterbrew , 23 Mar 2011

How we are all Similar

I don't own the book, but I previewed it on Amazon. It's called "Forever Marked" by Angela Hartlin. She also has a documentory coming out called "Scars of Shame." When I previewed the book, I read this part and it made me feel good that someone else was able to understand and describe the type of personality someone with these problems has. "it's eerie how similar we are aside from the skin picking. I've noticed that we usually have traits of perfectionism, are introverted, have higher-than-the-norm intelligence, are extremely hard on ourselves with sometimes unreasonable expectations for ourselves and others, and live a generally conservative lifestyle despite being liberal and accepting of alternative lifestyles. Our awareness and high intuition helps us empathize with others, but our ultra-sensitive traits often hinder our abilities to accomplish what we want to. " Angela Hartlin - "Forever Marked"

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