Recently quit picking. I feel better about myself each day. (info about scars)

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March 24, 2011

LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOUR SKIN. Picking is NOT sexy. Don't you want to feel sexy? I quit on my own. I picked for 6 years. It's just like how I quit biting my nails. One day I was like okay, I'm just going to quit and I DID IT. Now I will never go back. I never went back to biting my nails again after that day. This is the best way to quit. If you love yourself and your skin, you will QUIT today. LET YOUR SKIN HEAL. If that isn't enough, look at your skin in different lights and you will see the sunken scars left behind. QUIT PICKING and LET YOUR SKIN HEAL, then you can start working on those scars for a beautiful glow. Trust me, you will feel so much better. I am feeling so beautiful and happy now. If you want to feel beautiful and happy, then you will stop. It's just like losing weight. It takes effort and you WON'T lose just by sitting there wishing you would. TAKE ACTION. LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOUR SKIN. Summer is coming up, YOU STILL HAVE TIME!!!

March 25, 2011

congratulations! If you're ever looking for skincare information you can trust (if you ever do think about other treatments for your scars) I'd recomment paulaschoice /the cosmetic cop. She writes books, reviews products, and will tell you which treatments might be worth the money. At the least it's another opinion to set against your dermatologist's.

March 30, 2011

thanks so much for this post, i'm about to oder the olay kit...i firmly believe in will-power as a cure to stop this rather than drugs etc and i'm so glad someone has actually done it! i know you said you really just said one day i'm going to quit, but did you have any doubts/how did you keep your resolve? on this forum i kept up 18 days pick-free then relapsed a bit but now i'm doing pretty well again and found out that using aquaphor is really good for my skin, but your soooo right summer is coming and picking is not sexy...i feel beautiful now cause my skin is clear but the scars do bother me. if you sitll check into this please any advice helps. congrats again!