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anxiousallie , 28 Aug 2008

a list of things i do to stop picking

Wouldnt it be great if we all made a list>? video games crocheting knitting writing masks making plans to go out so i urge myself to have a deadline to "clear up my skin" smoking pot trying to quit the ciggs xanax zoloft band aids,band aids,band aids,band aids,band aids, facials meditation breathing exercises tanning drawling cutting out images and collages working out( well i should more.. but the wii is great for anxiety) hot compresses on affected area to reduce appearance and drain and make me want to leave area alone( not usually successful) surfing the web upon sites like this clay molding any arts and crafts really what if i made a bet for money to stop when i am picking? hmm ohhh painting my nails and cutting them short if i think of more i will suggest cheers! remember keep your hands bz doing other things
1 Answer
September 01, 2008
I second the band aids, lots and lots and lots, it great the look people give you when you walk into work with bandaids on most of you fingers, you can imagine them guessing at some bizarre incident. i do my nails, paint, them, file them, buff them cut them, works for a few days, then i get fed up wii is brilliant for it, keeps my hands v busy and can get my frustration out boxibng on wii i wear those moisturising gloves, quite useful, but you cant do anything while your wearing them i bake or cook things use peel off facial masks pick at other things, like dried glue or paint peeling off things mostly things only work when im conscious of what im doing, most of the time i dnt even know that i pick!

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