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cdieffen , 25 Mar 2011

please help

Hello I am brand new to this site, so please forgive me if there are similar threads like this. First of all it is so very comforting to know im not alone. I have been a picker as far back as I can remember. I pick my ears, untill there raw, take the scabs and rub them with my fingers, and on my lips. This is so embarsssing. I have kept this secret for years. I pick my nose , and rub the boogers on my lips to. I know this is strange. I have other compulsive habits too. I cannot stand velour. I have to dig my nails into, and I blink my eyes fast(sometimes). I have an appointment in april with a psychiatrist. I am almost positive I have ADHD too. My son constantly scratches, and picks himself too. I feel absolutely terrible I passed my genes on to him. My husband has no mental illness. I have depression, and anxiety, but i think my symptoms were just being treated and not my condition(s). I am very impulive to. Now my sons school counselor, had me make him an appt. Too because he has all the symptoms of adhd too. Do you think I could have ocd too. I think so. Despite being disgusted by having these challenges I feel better knowing were going to get help. I didn't tell the psychiatrist(years back when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety) about any of these compulsive behaviors. Therefore I could not be treated properly. My husband tells me im so weird, and "whats the matter with you, knock it off)so I have no one to talk to about my struggles, and I feel all alone. Thank you for allowing me to join your community. I look forward to hearing from all if you. I have never told anyone about this. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me.
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March 26, 2011
well done for talking about this! you've done really well! you're right - unless we talk to therapists about what problems we have the treatment is not likely to help. Well done on seeing a psychiatrist, that is good work. don't feel bad about not talking about it before, sometimes it takes time to realise what is a problem and what isn't. and also don't feel bad about 'passing your genes on', this was not something you 'decided' to do, and was never in your control. when you learn more about yourself you will doubtless also learn more about how to help your son. For people who have never encountered problmes like this themselves it must seem like an easy thing to stop doing, but jsut look around this site - this is the evidence that it isn't easy! you're amoung friends here, and congratulations for getting to this point!

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