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lifeisbeautiful , 26 Mar 2011

Anyone in the Bay Area? Support group in the making!

Hi all! I'd like to start a support group outside San Francisco where we would meet twice a month. I want to create a safe and compassionate environment where we can 1. Be accepted exactly as we are in this moment with no shame over our picking 2. Share our struggles with others who understand where we are coming from 3. Offer encouragement and support. It's impossible to overcome this disorder on our own. We must join forces and be each other's cheerleaders! People without CSP just don't understand what we go through. Who's in?!
4 Answers
March 30, 2011
hi! i live in the city - this sounds great! are you going to the TLC conference at the end of april? here's the link: i was pretty nervous/scared to sign up for it, but after wrapping my mind around this, and with my sister and bf's support, i'm signed up and really excited to go! i need help. i've been picking something (nails to start when i was a kid, now face and legs real bad), for at least 20 years. and you're right, doing this alone is beyond impossible. i've proven that to myself over and over again. thanks for this post! keep in touch :)
April 01, 2011
I'm in! I'm a college student at SFSU with CSP and I think this is exactly what I need. It would be amazing to meet other people who know what I'm going through :]
April 02, 2011
Great! Email me at and we'll set something up.
Vanessa Owen
April 04, 2011
I'm in SF. Registered when I saw your post. Would love insights from others!

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