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elissa , 27 Mar 2011


ok so i dont really know much about this and have only just found this site ect and im 18 but this is what i pick from head to toe: I pick at my scalp, sort of scratch its manically until i have nails full of skin,and that i sometimes eat :/. then at the back of my head where my neck and hairline meet i have a recuuring scab that i pick and just cant stop! then theres my nose .. one nostril bit strane i know .. but it have formed a scab that i pick off and it bleedsinside my nose and i know that can be doing my nose any good. erm i pull dow my eyelids and pick goo out of my eyes. and if i ever get a spot on my face i pick it alot. ok so onto arms i have really bumpy arms which i recently found out was called keratosis pilaris. but i pick pick and pick away i pick them until they bleed let the blood dry and pick that then let that form a scab and pick that. if there are no scabs to pick i find a dry patch of skin and scapre at it untili pick a bit off. thats mosty on the top backs of my arms but does go down to my forearms aswell. fingers. i pick and bite the skin around my fingernails until its raw and sore :/ i dont bite my actual nails though. I normally leave boobs snd stomach alone although sometimes i pick any dry skin on nipples and also my belly button. ok so my butt. Thats like the backs of my arms .. all the way round my but and thighs whenever i can get to them i pick then pick the scabs. and i scrape the skin off the heels of my feet and thats about it. so yeah quite alot.i also eat alot of what i pick and i knonw thats realllly weird and not alot of people on here do that The thing is though that i dont feel like id ever beable to stop because its not like i do it when nervous or stressed or happy or sad i do it with all of them i just do it alll the time .. and with all those places to pick theres no way i can stop myself. even while writing this ive bitten my fingers scrpaed my scalp picked my arm and eye. i dont know how i feel about it . . in a way i know its bad because i could be damaging myself and it might end up as scars but in another way i love it its quite relieving you get the urge and you cant do anything else until somethings picked. and ive been doind it for as long as i can remember maybe not all of it but some of the things iv been doing since i was small. but its grown and grown as ive found more places and things to pick. sometimes i feel really bad about it though cos when my mum sees my arms bleeding she gets upset by it. but i although i try to hide it i like it . i cant really make sense of it but sometimes i know what im doing and sometime its subconcious. its good to find a place where people pick like me but does anyone pick everything like me?
3 Answers
March 30, 2011
over the years i've picked just about everything, but at the moment i have a few areas. I also like picking at the skin inside my nose, and one of my eyelids, and the keratosis pilaris. SOme things i just got fed up of so i stopped - like plucking hairs from my legs. I'm not an eater but plenty of people are. I do seem to enjoy it, and it is only very recently that i've seen it as a bad thing that i should stop doing. Certainly people can get significant infections from picking and scarring can be permanent. I would like to stop doing it because it would be nice to have one less thing to worry about in my life, and fretting about my skin is something i can do without. Most people here will empathise with you! welcome to the forum!
April 10, 2011 gotta read my post...i do nearly EXACTLY the same as you .... rather than me write it all down again, go to my post on here....then get back to me and let me know you thoughts lol. x
April 18, 2011

In reply to by bobydob

yeahhh i read it and wrote on there too but may aswell reply on this aswell .. your post gave me reaaly strong urges to pick.. i mean thats what i mean i do it subconciously sometimes but conciously other times .. because yours conciously made me want to pick lol and i can really identify with the picking sites being 'ready' .. like on my arms .. when the scabs dry or make like a dry bubble of blood they are ready to repick sorta thing .. its weird to actually express it out becuase i dont think in my head oh this one is like this now so it is ready .. it just like is ready. .. and using things to pick .. like you i have used some other stuff to pick .. not just hands but i dont realy use the because i think for me its about the feeling of when the bit comes of .. the final sort of flickwhere its now not on you. i dunno its weird and hard to make sense of and describe lol x

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