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katie1093 , 27 Mar 2011

Help! What can I do/use after I have picked to help my skin heal?

I am curious as to what other people use to help their skin after a bad picking session. I would love to get ideas. I have used tanning lotion on my face to help conceal the breakout. This does help but I know I am clogging my pores more by doing this. I have used neosporine on really bad spots but sometimes this dries the spot up, making it more red and sensitive. I have tried every lotion out there. My face gets soooooo dry after I pick that I have to find a really good moisturizer. Right now I use Aveeno for sensitive skin and it is ok. I drink A LOT of water, with lemon. It not only tastes good but the lemon is supposed to help too. This is good for hydrating the skin, and I believe it clears my face up quicker. Who knows, it could be in my head. :) Not picking is what clears it up the quickest! LOL. If I could only stop!! :( I use Almay cover up. It is great. It is made to also help take care of the breakout and it works. --> Does anyone have any suggestions? I have heard oils help. Which kind? --> Also which vitamins are good for skin? HELP!! Thanks everyone. I hope people have suggestions for me. This would be great.
4 Answers
March 27, 2011
Pure Aubrey Organics Aloe vera! Cooled green tea, cucumber juice. All soothing,calms redness and healing x
March 27, 2011
Make a cup of green tea like if u were to drink it. Let it cool right down. Get some cotton wool-dip it in and dab over areas. Leave on for 15 mins then rinse. With a cucumber, cut a chunk, grind juice out and with finger dab juice all over areas. U could either cut a slice and rub over skin. I tend to use these methods seperately x x
March 29, 2011
it was mentioned already, but Aloe vera! It's great. It cools, and reduces redness and swelling, and has antibacterial qualities to it. And when used right away on cuts or blemishes will prevent scarring, given it's left alone to heal and do it's job. I would really stay away from tanning lotion, it will make it worse. I would clean the area well, and if your skin gets really dry then just gently wash it with just luke warm water. Tea tree oil is great too. Antibacterial. But you need to dilute it first. I use an empty spray bottle and cover just the bottom of the bottle with oil and the rest with water. be sure to shake everytime you use it. I spray directly onto the skin, or spray onto a cotton ball and dab. Lemon in water is great. Also great to do it first thing in the morning, in hot or warm water. Cold water in the morning shocks your system. But the lemon in warm/hot water acts as a liver tonic, and through the night your body has been cleaning house so to speak, and this lemon water in the morning helps clear the mucous and detoxifies. Apple cider vinegar, diluted, or not, if you can stand it, helps with redness, and takes off dead skin layer. It's a good toner to use after you wash your face. I have also used Coconut oil. Which is awesome as a lotion. When I massage it into my face, even after I exfoliated, I feel dead skin being able to rub off. It also has antibacterial properties to it as well, and I haven't noticed personally but is said to help with post acne marks. Taking 800mg to 1000mg of fish oil is magnificent for your skin. It will help with the dryness, some people say they don't need lotion. It also helps with inflammation, and inproves skin's elastisty. Zinc is good too. Which the correct dosing can be found in most multi-vitamins. But be careful, I have to make sure to eat or it makes me puke if taken on empty stomach. Hope this helps.

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