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waylander , 30 Mar 2011

How do 'normal' people deal with stress?

Although I usually really enjoy picking I certainly do pick more when i'm stressed, and if i'm anxious its pretty much the first thing i do. So I'm wondering - what do 'normal' people do? I don't know many normal people...(!) so if you do, could you ask them then let me know? if i could learn another way of managing stress, i'd have more options and maybe picking would be less attractive. thanks!
11 Answers
April 02, 2011
Excessive Alcohol. Screaming at the dog. Hating the neighbors.
April 07, 2011

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Going to the gym helps me... or just trying to not be alone. I don't pick in front of other people so being social always help me decompress... in additional to excessive alcohol haha
April 07, 2011
Not sure if this will be helpful for us (haven't tried it yet) but I have a friend who's suffered from insomnia for years. She eventually got past it by focusing on non-anxiety provoking things. She said it took a lot of practice. When I pick I'm usually anxious about something- and then I'm anxious about my picking and about the time I've wasted. It's a viscious response to stress in that it causes more once you're through. I'm going to try to occupy my mind with something that doesn't cause stress in those moments when I can't wait to get in front of a mirror. guess anything is worth a try!
May 04, 2011
Usually when I pick it's because I'm upset about something. One thing I've found that works well is to write about it. Just sit down and organize all your feelings on paper. Kind of gets it out of my mind.
May 04, 2011
I've tried to pick up a hobby like knitting, it seamed to work for awhile. So if all else fails try getting a hobby collecting or scrapbooking anything to keep your hands busy and your mind focused on what your doing not on your scabs.
May 05, 2011
I dont know if it is "normal" but I see a lot of people that are non-pickers just take their crap out on other people =) they are JERKS & TOOLS!!!! ...and us "not-normal" pickers take it out on ourselves... ____________________ I am sure there are constructive & productive channels, but they are unique to each person-- also maybe just finding the ability to not allow things to stress you out and cause you so much anxiety in the first place....hard to do but helps. _______________________ I am finally realizing what a supertense buzkill hard-to-be around person I can be because my anxiety/stress gets so amplified so much and so easily in certain situations (and by certain "normal" people ;p ) who I want to just smack in the face with a shovel but instead I "let them get to me" and pick apart my skin endlessly.... :(
May 09, 2011
My boyfriend hits things. Almost broke his damn wrist the other day from banging the couch, the fool. Doesn't work for me though. I tend to find that if I can bite my nails then I won't pick as much, but of course, if they're all ready too short then that's not going to work. I've also tried chewing gum, which helps a bit... But then again my picking is centered around my lips, so I think it's also an oral fixation type thing.
May 14, 2011
Normal people that I know do things like excercise, play sports, go to coffee shops and chat with friends, read , watch a movie, hobby (like as was mentioned before knitting, which would also keep your hands busy). I know it was a facetious remark but on the topic of alcohol, I was wandering if anyone can relate to this? When I drink I tend to pick a lot worse. Maybe its because I lose a bit of social ettique, or consequential thinking (which I guess i lack anyways otherwise I wouldn't pick in the first place!), or maybe because sometimes when I drink I become emotional and take it out on my skin. Anyway - can anyone relate to this?
May 14, 2011
I actually just realized that when I find myself with the strong urge to pick or obsess, it's because I am worried about something else and may not have realized it yet, or I have not yet found a way to resolve an issue...or maybe I know the answer/resolution to a problem I am faced with but that doesn't make me feel any better or I'm dreading it, so I pick and worry and obsess about my skin in order to avoid it. Recognizing this has made a small difference, although I am not yet ready to give up my security blanket.

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