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sho1234 , 31 Mar 2011

Broken Capillaries from squeezing

I am noticing broken capillaries on my face-and this has resulted to what Ive been doing to my face--all the squeezing. I do know of people who are in their thirtys and they have them all over because what they did when they were younger. I am using lemon, peppermint, rose geranium oils - which are aaid to help improve their appearence. But obviously theres no "fix". Also I have been really thinking lately. I just dont want to make my skin an issue--Id love to be carefree and just chuck on clothes and do my hair nice and not worry about skin. I have been so used to going out with scabs, marks and scars on my face. Surely a blackhead or 2 isnt going to be nothing compared to that! I just dont want to create more broken capillaries and things more permanent. I dont know why but when I notice a new broken capillary/ dent mark etc I actually freak out and cant take it! Its like, we do this to our skin becasue we want to make it more smooth and perfect looking. And seeing them demoralises and makes me feel awful--I cant add to the damage. I gotta learn to be fine with my skin now. : /
2 Answers
April 01, 2011
yep I completely get you - I hate looking at my skin when I have picked it it makes me so upset! We really do just need to be ok with how it is... One day soon I want to go out without makeup on, but not until I have managed a good few days without picking.
April 03, 2011
i've been noticing them on my face as well :( but laser treatments are great to correct broken capillaries!

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