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sho1234 , 01 Apr 2011

What brings me back to the mirror. relate? !!

My mind is fixated on 4 pores which are slightly enlarged which I have tried to empty. I think I did it all but not convinced that its all out. Now im convinced that once the scabs have fallen off there will be a rasied clogged pore- where the pore has filled again because I didnt do it properly or because bacteria spread while I was making a hash out of my skin! God knows why its so important to me lol. Just Id rather it be out ( well it hAs to be out) instead of just being there on my skin- I know its small but i can see it - slightly darkish. I just HAve to do it--even though its sooooo small really. Im so fed up with this now I cant even cry lol. Relate?? x
1 Answer
April 01, 2011
The idea that this time, something different will happen, the pimple will release itself and by morning I will have smooth beautiful skin.

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