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zoelewis24 , 01 Apr 2011

HELP!!!!!!! What to do with my 8 yr old son??????

My son started picking his skin mostly his hands,legs,bottom and back but also but rarely his face from the age of 2. i took him to the gp who said theres nothing they can do as its mostly habitual but he waits for the wound to heal then picks at his scars. At the age of 6 his school picked this up and instead of discussin with me they called in the police and social services which then stressed him out entirely as he tought he was getting me in trouble as apparently burning his body with cigarettes! he had a full very invasive medical where they discovered over 300 very faded small scars whic then they determined he done hisself! after one session with a child psychologist they closed the case as i was not a danger to him!! His new school have know picked up on this and are completley taken the right approach with it all and doing the best to help! i brough him up on my home whilst hois father comes in to his life when it suits him, social services advised me not to have my son see his dad unless he wanted too and he dosent!! he has not stopped picking but is more happy and settled but know this has come back up his picking is gradually getting worse again and i really dont know how to help him???
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April 01, 2011
hi there. i have had dermatillomania from a very young age. unfortuneatly it was never picked up on as a child. i am now 27. im no medical expert but i do work with children of various disabilities and conditions and can relate to ur problem. self harm is a sign of expressing supressed emotional distress. i dont no ur circumstances but his father coming in and out of his life will be very frustrating and confusing for him. its difficult to no what children r thinking but when he picks it could be because of frustration, anger, sadness or even confusion. as im sure u no children need stability so i would advise u let him see his dad only if he wants to but make it clear to his dad that its regular or nothing! keeping the contact he has with people around him stable should help with the root of the problem which also needs to be addressed. boost his confidense as much as possible, positive energy - high praise, fun games ect. if u see him self harm remember he could be feeling negative so try not to make a 'big deal' out of it if posible, if ur calm he's calm. just try to distract his attention with something u no he really enjoys and keep him doing it! itll take time but be persistant, he's not beyond help. as for ur psychologists, i would get a second opinion he/she sounds useless. hope this helps.

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