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sharmaine73 , 01 Apr 2011

I KIND found a way to stop picking at my face and chest

This is probably most appropriate for the female members of the board. Please excuse me as I'm going to be frank. I have picked at my skin for years but somehow managed to still have really enviable skin (so I was told - obviously I didn't believe this). Once I was diagnosed with ADD/Anxiety and started Aderrall/Prozac, the intense picking began. I'm certain it's the Adderall. I can spend hours in the mirror. In the end I am left with swollen bruises where I tried to squeeze them, or poke them with a needle over and over. It's ugly. I am studying for the Bar exam in July so can't quit taking meds right now, but if i keep going at this rate I won't have any skin left on my face. Fours month is a long time. I decided the quickest solution would be occupy myself with something else and pick at something far less obvious. Well Spring is upon us and summer approaches. I decided to try tweezing my bikini area. Seriously one or two hairs at a time It's working pretty good. Just as satisfying, if not more so because you see and feel progress. Works really well and is keeping me occupied and totally distracted from studying just as much or better than my face! :) This was not my goal. But at least I know while I fret and delay, I'm actually doing something that improves my appearance instead of making it worse. Get yourself some good tweezers and a lamp. You'll be glad you did. :) I'm cutting my nails off for good measure. And since it's my acne that gets me picking to start, I have invested in some acne medication, antibiotics for the skin lesions (mupirocin), and when that is done I'll be doing a 70% at home skin peel one time per week. I hope this helps someone. I suppose guys could do this as well. Under arms are also a good place. Take care!
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April 07, 2011
STOP!! that is a BIG MISTAKE i did exactly the same thing thinking that i would stop picking at my face and it worked for a week or two but now i am just picking at BOTH. what makes it worse is that plucking gives you ingrown hairs and infections which you are more likely to squeeze like the ones on your face!! making it even worse!!! so at the moment i have infections on my face from trying to squeeze pimples, AND infections and ingrown hairs DOWN THERE. it is really bad for my self confidence and sex life!! i dont know maybe you will be more careful when you pluck your bikini line than i am but i still dont think it is a good habit to try and replace skin picking with because it is still feeding the obsession with your skin!! i am thinking of getting laser hair removal so i physically cant pick at that area because there will be no hair! expensive though :( let me know how this new habit has gone maybe it will work for you but it didnt for me!
April 07, 2011
I have ADD too. About 2 years ago I was on Adderall. It was ok, but it made my picking sooo bad. I already have had a picking type of problem my whole life, but I think Adderall made it sooo much worse. I would disappear for 2 hours and not even realize it. So because of that I got off of it. By the way I was also on Effexor for anxiety/depression. The picking cut way back, but because I developed this habit from being on adderall, it was still a problem for awhile, but I could catch myself and picking wasn't as long, until I would now and then go through periods of time where I didn't pick at all. And last November, I decided to try to go back on a ADD med, because I need it, and life is hard enough to try to accomplish things on my own. But I told my doctor what the adderall did, and what I am prone to, and she put me on Vyvanse. I like it way better!! It lasts for 12 instead of adderall's 4-6. Although I feel it tapering off around 8-10, it's still nice for a nice full day of accomplishments. And it has a smoother feel, instead of the high that adderall can give, (I personally got too used to adderall, other than the picking I didn't notice much difference after awhile) but vyvanse has been pretty consistant. And she also prescribed me Xanax. I try not to take them every night, because it will get to the point where you NEED one every night, and I didn't like the addiction. But it helps to have them around when I am really stressed, and start to notice the triggers that make me pick. If I can identify them before it happens then I take a Xanax and the night will be a much more relaxed one. But if you want to continue with a ADD med, I would consider Vyvanse, because my picking has not changed since I have been on it. Meaning it's the same as if I wasn't medicated at all. The picking is still there but not made worse like adderall did.
January 17, 2014
I also cut my nails very short to try and minimilize damage to my skin and other tissues. Though I wouldn't recommend focusing too much on picking somewhere else on the body for the obvious reason that its not dealing with the issue effectively. I personally have migrated away from my face and do most of my damage to my chest shoulders and far upper arms, initially because I wanted to look approachable around my friends and family as well as professional at work, school, the store and so on. Does not treat the underlying problem but! It does help develop some skills that make managing and coping with the problem a bit easier like better self esteem and a much stronger sense of self-confidence which I'm sure anyone struggling with this sort of issue would acknowledge the tremendous difficulty in having any sort of control over this especially when coupled with its exacerbation by much needed medication. A technique I've found to be of immense help is to instead of squeezing the pimple, black head, hair folicol, etc to just run my finger across whatever spot it goes to (I most often pick more unconsciously than anything else. When I consciously go to pick I usually stop myself the second I touch any skin. Though I for the most part never even know I'm picking until my wife smacks my hand. I don't use mirrors or even look at what I'm doing, my "possessed hands" seem to just constantly coast up and down my face chest shoulders etc feeling for even the slightest discrepancy.) Even though its not a hundred percent effective and I still go to bed every night with at least a handful of bumps somewhere on my body, but for me its helped me significantly reduce the carnage I was inflicting to myself. No more bleeding sores and widespread blemishes covering every surface of my upper body front to back. And on a last quick note, wearing gloves as well as several layers of clothes would be my suggestion if you target your under arms often as there isn't an excuse in the world that will convince cops or judges that those marks have nothing to do with drug use. They attributed my marks to severe drug abuse but if it had been on the under sides instead of the top they would have pegged me as someone who shoots up. Not saying that you're on your way to jail, just life is unpredictable.

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