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motherof1 , 04 Apr 2011

please help me help my 3yr old

My daughter is currently 3.5 yrs old and won't stop picking. It all started last summer when she had two huge mosquito bites (she has really sensitive skin) and she constantly picked at them causing huge scars which still now have been reopened. i have tried topical antibiotics, wrapping her hands up in gauze, millions of band aids i just don't know what to do.She'll find the tiniest scratch and the next thing i know she has this huge sore .She went swimming the other day and she was cold i was pretty much in tears you could see all these little scars everywhere. It hurts me to see what she's doing to herself. She has now introduced the lip picking into the mix. She is an extremely smart and articulate child her picking is done unconsciously while watching TV, relaxing ect. When she was real little and even till today she has always had an obsession for elbows the rough texture ect. It was normal to see her curled up next to you trying to rub your elbow. I am taking her to the doctor to see if i can get help for us both regarding this matter. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas of things to try.
1 Answer
April 04, 2011
I use hydro-cortisone ointment and cream on my son. They might itch or irritate her so she scratches. Sensitive skin. Allergies maybe. Try the 1% hydro-cortisone ointment you get at the pharmacy. See if that helps. Stops my sons scratching so he can heal.

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