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caretta , 04 Apr 2011

Recovering... (Wedding in 20 days!)... Scarring/redness?

Just snapped these shots (sorry the left isn't as clear as the right)... I've popped on here a few times in the last few months, but never said anything. I've been doing this since I was little. Most of your stories sound just like mine. It is a humiliating problem I've felt helpless against for so long. I'm getting married in 20 days. I got acrylic nails on Thursday (4 days ago). It was pretty much horrific to walk in there and put my hands out for someone to inspect when I spend so much mental energy trying to hide them all the time. I'm a wedding photographer and the photography is so important to us... we're flying our photographer to us from thousands of miles away. I don't want to be ashamed of my hands in our photos. I don't want to be self-conscious and try to hide them. I simply haven't been ABLE to pick since I got the nails. I sometimes notice myself rubbing at dry spots but I don't think I am really doing anything to the healing process. If you look at the photo I posted a link to above, you can see the red, swollen, callus-like scars(?). It was hard taking those photos and it was hard posting that link, but I only hope that you can all commiserate. For those of you who HAVE quit (even if you relapsed), can you share anything you may have learned to help speed this healing process? I have been applying Vitamin E or burt's bees hand repair cream to my nailbeds/red fingers everynight and wearing gloves to bed... but I still just don't see much of a difference other than the fact that I don't have any scabs or much dry skin. The redness and swelling is still there. It definitely looks better... I am already less ashamed to have my hands out.. but there's a ways to go in the next few weeks. Any suggestions/advice/positive energy would be helpful. My heart is with all of you struggling with this. It's consuming. Deflating. Relentless. I feel your pain - all of you. xoxo
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April 04, 2011
Prescription mupirocin to heal the wounds if you have any. Benzoyl peroxide for the pimples if you are picking at those. A glycolic Acid peel to get rid of the scars, large pores, left over acne. You can do it at home with products from this site: or have a professional do it at a salon. Since you're gettiong married, I'd say go to a professional. It's a liittle tricky and you could burn your skin. The peel only takes a couple minutes, but it takes a week to heel all the way. You can do them one time per week. Very effective. Good luck.
April 04, 2011

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Luckily my CSP is only on my hands... I have definitely picked at acne on my face before (even as recently as 3 weeks ago) but right now my skin on my face is doing great. I had a makeup trial run last week and my makeup girl suggested I do microdermobrasian scrubs a few times a week - not because of any problems from my picking, which wasn't apparent at all, but just to help make my skin even smoother when she puts it on for the wedding day. Mostly I'm just concerned about my hands. If anyone has any experience with healing hands that look like mine (see the photo link at the top of my original post), please share!!! :)
April 04, 2011

In reply to by caretta

The pick doesn't show up. So I don't know if it's just scarring or open wounds or what. I do know that a sun screen with at least SPF 30 or above is is a must if you want spots to fade. Benzoyl peroxide will also bleach your skin.
May 22, 2013

In reply to by caretta

Could hardly notice anything at first on your hands.. and i'm not just saying that. I doubt anyone will take a second glance, after all, you're going to look beautiful on your wedding day! Don't let the scars on your fingers take away from how gorgeous you will feel everywhere else :) ps congrats!
April 04, 2011
Hey, I am very happy for you, because I know how hard it is to stop so congratulations!!! i hope you have a wonderful wedding. It looks like the redness is scar tissue, which gets better after a while, but i dont think ever completely disappears. wear gloves whenever possible. i find that i am most vulnerable to it when I am not doing anything that requires much energy like reading a book or watching tv....when you feel the urge, make a fist and tell yourself youre strong..... these are some things that help me sometimes, I wish you luck with the wedding!!!
April 25, 2013
Most people rely on movies like "The Wedding Planner" to form their definition of a typical wedding planner. For the most part, J.Lo as a headset wearing ''star of the show'' is fantasy when it comes to being a wedding planner.
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May 15, 2013
A marriage coordinator will organize almost everything that is required for a marriage and a wedding reception just the way you want it to be. You will be given guidance on how to go about organizing factors and also how to keep the expenses low.
May 16, 2013
Hi, I struggle with this too. My triggers are fatigue and acne. I used to get “stuck” which I’m sure is not an uncommon term for most of you on this forum. Low self esteem is one of contributing factors. One thing that helped me with this was Nerium AD. I had acne scarring on my face because of picking. It cleared up most of the scarring and helps continually bring impurities out of my skin so they don’t form acne. I encourage you to try it. With less acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation, I had improved self esteem and therefore pick less. Check it out: Best of luck
December 29, 2014

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February 23, 2015

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February 25, 2015

Sudocrem (a baby nappy rash ointment) which is a zinc based cream is amazing. Slather it on and put on gloves etc everynight and it will heal like new, it's the best thing ever for my feet.

February 26, 2015

Keep your fingertips slathered with a healing ointment. I have had a lot of success with The Honest Company's Organic Healing Balm. Target carries it in their baby products section close to where the diaper rash point ointments are sold. It is a petrolatum-free alternative to petroleum jelly. Wash your hands well with an antibacterial cleanser and apply a super thick coating of the balm and then cover your hands with a pair of high density polyethylene food handling gloves. Keep the affected areas moist and do not allow them to dry out. This method has been proven to heal broken and inflamed skin better than letting them scab over. I am a serious facial skin picker and have healed my face more times than I can count by keeping this ointment on my face nonstop for 72 hours. This method will also keep you from picking.

August 04, 2015

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August 21, 2015

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November 20, 2016

Coconut oil maybe? Coconut oil is amazing! And it's a great moisturizer , after I've picked and gnawed at the skin on my fingers , I'll rub them down with coconut oil

May 10, 2017

For me it's like an addiction. I know logically I'm causing my body damage but I still can't control it. I am thinking of trying a 12 step programme for self harm like recoveries anonymous or self mutilators anonymous...

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