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someuserx , 05 Apr 2011

My Story

I'm a 14 year old girl who lives in Canada, and I have been picking my arms since I was about 10. My mother used to pick at her arms when she was younger but she stopped, so she doesn't take it very seriously and she thinks I'll grow out of it. I have tried countless times to stop but have never really gone more than a day. Sometimes it's just a few little bumps, but maybe once every week or two I completely destroy my arms and they look disgusting. Now, this part is hard to explain. Part of the reason that I started cutting myself last spring was because I was angry at myself for being weak. I was angry that I couldn't stop picking. When I pick I feel like I have no control, but when I cut I felt like I had control over something. I stopped cutting myself last month and right now I'm on Day 35. I don't plan on changing that. But I'm ready to give up this picking habit too and I'm willing to do ANYTHING. Recently, I cut my long beautiful nails that I love so much to the quick so that picking wouldn't be as easy. I also lathered my arms in baby oil so I couldn't get a grip on any bumps. I hope it will be enough, but I feel like I keep telling myself I'm strong enough, and then I give in every time. The biggest problem is my arms, but I also pick my face, my thighs, my shins, my chest, my hairline...pretty much anywhere I feel a bump. It's enough. Spring is coming and I want to look good in a t-shirt. I'm going to try and stop. Tomorrow is Day 1. This is about all the girls out there who feel like they can't break that habit, who's families put them down because they don't understand what they're going through, anyone who has ever felt left out because of their struggles. Who's with me?

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