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sharmaine73 , 05 Apr 2011

Who can't stand to see a blemish on someone else?

My husband complains and tries to avoid me but his back is an absolute dream come true for someone like me. I say, "Come here. Let me give you a back massage." I'm not really interested in giving him a back massage, I want to pop his pimples and remove his black heads You can just feel them as you run you hand along his back. It's really distracting! The other day he had a HUGE one that had obviously been there a while. It was all dried up. Whenever I gave him a hug with his shirt off I felt it. I tried to hold back but eventually turned away from me and I pounced, picking it off quickly before he could out maneuver me. His nose is the worst. He has clogged pores on his nose. His nose is really sensitive so he won't let me touch it. I've tried. He actually yelped and gave me a smack once! I think there are pores on that man's nose that have been clogged since before our seven year old son was born. Once he had his appendix out. And he was about to go into to surgery I said, "Oh this is perfect. You'll be sedated so I can take care of those clogged pores and white heads on your nose and you won't even notice. He told the Dr. not to let me touch his nose. That nose is just begging to be squeezed. I am grossed out and yet oddly fascinated by the possibility of what would ooze out of those pores if I could just get my hands on them! Then he would have a clean, non-pore clogged nose! See, I'm just trying to help him. Why won't he let me help him! :)
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May 14, 2011
I know what you mean! I can not stand seeing a pimple on someone else!! I cant even hear what they are saying as Im concentrating so hard on what it would be like to squeeze there face/back/arms - anywhere/anything...the grossest thing is - I LOVE it! I think of myself as a conisure (sry bout spelling) . I to will offer a massage as an excuse to scan every single pore looking for even the tinniest of bumps to squeeze and pick at.Also - I quite like people squeezing mine, so I assume no one minds me pouncing on them to have a pick...But people HATE it, its a horrible habit. The worse is when someone has like a white head or other prominent pimple; its unbearable for me! Im glad there is someone else out there that does it too. thanks for posting.
May 14, 2011

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I've often considered that this wouldn't be such as issue (trying to pick other people's blemishes), if I were perhaps an aestheticism, or a dermatologist. But no. I had to choose law school...
May 15, 2011
Oh my goodness! I'm so on target with both of you!! The worst part is I have 3 TEENAGERS in my house. It's a GIANT PIMPLE PICKING CROP just waiting for me!! Unfortunately, one is a picker like me, so she doesn't mind me getting the ones on her back, but the the other two can't stand it. One is a picker (but not too bad, yet) the older one, however HATES it; I just realized recently that even when I react like I want to pick or pop one of his pimples, he's actually DISGUSTED by it. That was pretty emberassing, to have your son be disgusted by you. I have never asked him again, but boy does he have a crop!! Ok, here's a secret. After a night husband and I would go into the bathroom to wash up and pop each others pimples. How weird is that?! Some people smoke cigarettes, we pop pimples (by the way, he's a closet picker, but we've never talked about it).

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