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sky , 05 Sep 2008

some suggestion, tried and true

I would just like to add my suggestion here for anyone to read. These are the things that I have found to be SUCCESSFUL, and I have done many many years of trying to find success. If the skin is pussy and bumpy and you just CAN'T stand not popping the pimples/skin sores, try this... DON'T pop with your fingers. Begin with a STEAMING HOT soak in a clean washcloth... open the pores. As hot as you can stand. I like to make the skin redden with the heat. Then PAT DRY. (Important.) Take a clean needle and lacerate the pimple/skin sore ONCE maintaining the skin surface as much as possible. GENTLY put pressure on the pimple/skin sore to squeeze out the puss. Push straight down onto the skin JUST OUTSIDE of the pimple area. Don't SCRAPE your fingernails across the skin surface. Again, simple pushing pressure, just to get the puss out is fine. Stop there. Wash the face one more time. Apply an antibiotic or antiseptic toner. I like to use the antiseptic liquids you get when you pierce your ears (or other body parts). It's great against infection and not abusive to the skin. Then I mist my face with something anti-bacterial like Yarrow tincture. After that I will choose what to do depending on what my plan is. Most of the time, I will apply a LIGHT moisturizer... not gobs of it! If I'm going out, I put on my foundation... Gabriel Cosmetics works great for me. Use whatever works good for you. If I'm not going out and there are some itchy weepy spots (that are either open, or pussy, or just aggravated) I apply triple-medicated Gold Bond powder. I will swear by this til I die and this is THE BEST thing to apply JUST BEFORE YOU GO TO BED. Not only does it relieve the itch, but it soaks up the infected puss and infection and prevents that UNBEARABLE feeling when your skin closes up tight around a wound in just a way that drives you crazy enough to have to pick it off. Sometimes I would apply it, let it dry up the infected areas, wash it off, and then put on a second longer application. If you do this, just take a warm, wet washcloth to your face and let it soak into your face to remove the powder. (DON'T SCRUB WITH YOUR WASHCLOTH!) Now for the BEST remedy ever... It is most effective after you've done the above regime- (hot soaking, ridding the infected puss, applying antiseptic, moisturizer, and gold bond powder). Make a plastic baggy full of ice and put that sucker on your face. Hold it to your face in the spots where the trouble spots are. Basically freeze the arse of those pimples/skin sores. You know you've frozen them sufficiently when you pull the ice away and you feel a hot throbbing in that particular spot. This is the sweetest feeling ever and once I've frozen a zit, it's usually gone by the next morning. Plus, again it keeps me from picking it, which is even more key. About me: I have had over the last 15 years OCD problems with trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking), BDD (body dysmorphic disorder), and ASD (antisocial disorder). I hope I could help you with some ideas! Cheers and lots of luck. Sky

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