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sho1234 , 21 Apr 2011

My doctor thinks its OCD, any1 else obsess over their pores?

I have to check my pores constantly. I cant stand it if I see that one is clogged or I can see theres dirt in there (blackheads. I have to squeeze it out. Its exhausting and this is purely what makes me pick,even though they are so small. I just cant leave them on my face and let them all appear without me knowing. Id feel so ugly. Im paranoid about certain pores Ive emptied,and if they'l fill back up again to what they were. I believe if I do it enough and then rinse with tea tree oil-ive cleaned out the pore and it wont come back as bad. I dont even have a problem with my skin if I didnt touch it. Any1 else relate. Thanks x

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