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dropbydrop , 25 Apr 2011

Anybody Irish?? Need local support

I was wondering if there were any people living in Ireland that use this site and suffer from dermatillomania?? There isnt much in the way of support here so maybe we can help each other...
5 Answers
April 26, 2011
Hey! I'm Irish and I just found this site. I've been pulling the skin off my fingers for as long as I can remember. I can't believe there are so many other people with he same problem! It's very reassuring to know it's actually a real problem and not just me being weird.
March 17, 2013
Hi I'm Irish and have picked since mid teens and I hate it. Im 35 now but i look 55 my skin is old and scarred. It's a viscous cycle stress pick scab pick scab pick scar majic disappearing cream oooh i feel a bump upstairs mirror a tweezer there's a spot pick bleed ah lovely it's comes out!! Oh wheres the last hour gone??? and now my face is full of pink blotchy welts (but atleast its clean now) Pick scab pick scab forever and ever amen. But it's my back too which now bubbles up roaring red and itches if I go on sun holiday but I tell everyone it's UVA rays itching me its not its all the scars. It's the side of my arms u know the squiggly white wormy spots u look for there?! Then down to the legs anywhere will do if its a bump ill take it on and then back to the face to repeat the lovely cycle all over again..... There's no support no website no nothing in Ireland ... But here's the cure wait for it it's a classic said to me every time I'm upset over what I've done to myself .... Just stop picking it!! Aaahhhhhhhhh why didn't I think of that before?!?!? I've anxiety cant u tell I've OCD and there's nothing in Ireland for skin picking!!
April 08, 2014
hi does anyone out there know of a support group here in Ireland as there seems to be no help here at all,this cant be stopped without proper support,cbt alone dosnt seem to work,has anyone any suggestions?
July 12, 2020

Hi, just came across your post recently. Wondering if you found any support in the meantime? Fellow Irish picker

July 12, 2020

Also I attended last month's webinar - well worth the time. Next one is this coming Tuesday (14th July 2020).

Good to see a few Irish people out there, even if it's years apart!!

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