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Miss , 26 Apr 2011

I Really Need Help

Hello, I've just joined this forum and been picking at my skin for about 16 years now; since I first started to get acne. What frustrates me is that I don't really get acne now, just the odd spot, but to look at me face right now you would think I had some kind of skin problem, everything on my face right now is a result of my own doing, I'd be clear if I hadn't have touched my face!; I have around 10 red sores on my face, from around 1cm-4/5cm in diametre, I look gross and so upset and ashamed, I've been crying and embarrased. I don't want to go out and shut myself away. It has affected college and work before now and I don't want to mess up Uni. My bf has been really good and always supports me, but I feel it's not fair on him, or my mum and best mate. They don't deserve this and I can't go on like this for much longer. I've been to the doctor's, thinking I only had BDD, who referred me to a psychologist, (trainee, actually) they helped me for a year and a half, but then told me they can do no more for me. They helped me a lot, but I've gone downhill since I've had to stop seeing them. I didn't even realise this condition existed until very recently; I just thought that what I did was just a symptom of BDD, I even told the psychologist once or twice that I did it, but she just told me to try not to do it, as if it could be helped, and that was the end of it. If anyone has any advice as to any help I could access in the UK I would be grateful, the NHS doesn't seem to have anything for me and no specialists available. I'm a student and don't have a lot of money, but I'd even be willing not to eat right now just to get some help. I also think I need tablets, I tired Citalopram, which halped the anxiety a bit, but not the compulsion to pick, which is what I really need. Also any advice on how I can get rid of these horrible sores on my face ASAP would be wonderful, I'm using Zinnerit, Sudocrem, vitamin e oil, 8 hour cream and neosporin all together at the moment through sheer desperation. Thank you for your time. x
1 Answer
April 26, 2011
Hello Miss, welcome to the site! I read your post and my heart truly goes out to you. I'm on day 10 of my recovery/no picking challenge and my skin is STILL healing from the last picking session I had. I have about 8 scabs on my face, which of course are A LOT smaller than they were 10 days ago. I've been using witch hazel (natural antiseptic/toner), polysporin (A LOT like neosporin only it doesn't have all the extra, unnecessary ingredients that will clog your pores- Active Ingredients- 500 units Bacitracin and 10,000 units Polymyxin; Inactive Ingredient- white petrolatum base), and washing my face with Cetaphil for normal to oily skin. Also, I've been using Manuka honey as a mask to help speed up the healing process. At night, I've been applying Desert Essence 100% pure organic jojoba oil, and massaging it into my skin for about 2 minutes until it absorbs. Then, I top it off with Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% Gel and my skin has been responding beautifully :) Like I said, my skin hasn't COMPLETELY healed, but it's well on its way! Also, I stopped wearing makeup on day 2 b/c I noticed that by caking on the foundation, my skin wasn't getting a chance to breathe. So, now that I haven't been applying makeup, I'm only washing my face once a day, instead of twice a day (like I was before) and that's REALLY helped. I would recommend washing your face in the morning with a GENTLE cleanser (like Cetaphil), apply an antiseptic toner (like Witch Hazel) that will help HEAL your skin and NOT overly dry it out. Once the witch hazel has dried, you can apply the Polysporin (or Neosporin, if that's what you prefer) to JUST the wounded areas. Before bed would be a good time to apply the jojoba oil and aloe vera gel. If you choose to try the Manuka honey as a mask, just apply that AFTER washing your face in the morning and let it set for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off. THEN follow the other steps if you choose. Remember, taking vitamins (ESPECIALLY VITAMINS C AND E) are REALLY beneficial for your skin and drinking LOTS of water- this will help the healing process of your skin from the inside-out. This is everything I've been using and doing to help speed up the healing process for my skin... I hope I was able to help in some way- GOOD LUCK and I'm here if you need anything :*

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