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sammie2564 , 27 Apr 2011

I'm new, here's my confession

Wow. So i'm not the only one? thank the lord lol. i am 20 years old and i have been picking since middle school or before then. i do it once a day to a few times a day for short sessions (15 minutes or so tops). when i started picking, it was just my pores. i RARELY get actual zits/whiteheads on my face, my pores just pick up anything and i get as close to the mirror as i can to find what i can pick out. not even very nasty blackheads, just pores. face picking turned into chest picking (just in the middle/cleavage area). that turned into shoulder picking. then arms. then back. then i started picking at my actual breasts & nipples (which leaves the worst marks. i never actually get scabs really, the pores just get bigger over time.) that turned into picking at theback of my neck, which lead to my ears inside, outside of them, and behind them. i got an ingrown hair in my pubic region which led to picking that area. i found a cyst in my armpit a few months back that i did not know was pop-able that i've had for years, thinking it was scar tissuue from underwire bra rubbing. after i popped that, i pick at my armpits now. and last but not least it has all lead to me using the edge of my pinky nail to scrape & pick my scalp when im in public and have no access to a mirror. i smoke. i noticed i did not pick as much when i quit back when i was pregnant, but picked up smoking again and picking as well.. i have to pick before i take a shower, after i use the restroom, and i pick at my chest at the computer since i work at home from mine. i have always wondered if this was OCD or if i was just weird. i have never told anyone about this because i don't do it enough around people for it to look like a problem, and my skiin is still fairly nice compared to how it was before i started picking at it. ultimately this has led to me picking at my boyfriend's skin, which has made me realise i need help. if i can't stop, i think i'm going to consult a dermatologist or a doctor of some sort because i have no reason to pick and it's consuming.
2 Answers
April 27, 2011
Do u pick ur pores because u want them clean, that you cant stand them being clogged etc? I get so fixated on the pores and have been agressively squeezing them for ages and I havent been able to stop until now. X x
May 04, 2011
I pick on my boyfriend too. I guess I'm not the only one. I feel so bad after I do. I would never want to hurt him on purpose but I do hurt him sometimes while doing this. It's really hard being intimate with him, because when I'm touching him, I feel every. single. bump. and I fixate on it. It makes it hard to concentrate on him, the person. I am 21 years old. I pick my face, scalp, lip, finger cuticles, back, ear, and any scrape, scratch that I receive though the course of the day. I find the sight of my own blood intoxicating at times.

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