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belgianchick , 08 Sep 2008

Cant stop picking

Hi I am a 24 year old model and i pick my skin since i was harrassed by several guys. i did not want to be pretty any longer and started picking my skin. i have been picking for 8 years now and i am feeling i am losing out so much on life. i work for a model agency and it is very hard because i need to work out how much to pick and when to stop days in advance before having a shoot. people think i am pretty but i suffer from a very low self esteem. I have tried so many methods, removing mirrors out the house, every single one. I pick in CD's things i can find that i can see myself in. Fake nails, gloves, been to hospital nothing seemed to have helped so far. I have seen psychologists and psychiatrists been on high dosed medication. all i can think off is picking my skin, i am totally obsessed i have to pick to be able to live to be able to go on. i stay at home dont go out socializing and it takes usually a couple of days or a week for my skin to recover. I am not myself anymore i live in a world of picking. I pick my back also on a daily bases. i pick usually for an hour to 2 hours a day. i have been able to stop once for a day, i sleep with make up so i dont have to face the spots which makes in the longterm bad again as my pores get cloghed and then i even get more spots. everyone thinks i have great skin, that is however because they see me once. i am so tired of trying to stop picking. i have had enough but i keep on going for some reason and my skin is still recovering. with make up on a very good day there is not a single scar only i can still see the damage when i look very close. any suggestions, response would be very helpfull. xxx

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