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bambiloo , 02 May 2011

My boyfriend picks...

My boyfriend picks at things on his body and eats them. It beyond grosses me out and is starting to effect our relationship. At first I tried ignoring it and thinking maybe it was a phase. But now I obsess with how much he does it, and I find myself watching him to see how much he does it. I love him and would hate for something like this to end our relationship. I tried to lightly bring it up to him and not make it a big deal because its embarrassing to me i can only imagine what its like for him. His response was that he didn't even realize he was doing it. I know he knows he's doing it... Lately I just don't kiss him if I see he's been picking and he's starting to pick up on that. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I handle this?
1 Answer
May 04, 2011
As someone who picks at their skin, I can admit it is possible he really didn't realize he was doing it. This happens to me often. It's like being in a trance state. If it bothers you, tell him it does! It's not good for your relationship to ignore it. Maybe you can work something out.

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