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ghostoverground , 03 May 2011

I am a compulsive scalp picker.

Hello all. I'm so glad to have found this site.. I am hoping to meet others struggling with similar issues as myself and perhaps we can all help heal each other. I'm an 18 year old girl who has been picking her scalp for 3 years. I have anxiety, depression, and OCD so I guess it wasn't a surprise that this started--before my scalp I picked at my cuticles until they were bloody and infected. I did this on and off for years before my scalp picking got bad. I still do it from time to time, but what really consumes me is the scalp picking. Every day, all day long, I can't stop. I try so hard. All my friends and family members try to get me to stop and I want to stop so so badly, but I just cant. A few months back I started seeing a psychologist for Habit Reversal Training (in addition to my normal therapist/meds), but I had no success. I hope to try again soon. This disease is destroying me. There are countless sores all over my head. I pick until my scalp bleeds and my fingers are covered in blood. I pick at scabs on top of scabs. I have bald spots all over my head from picking in the same spot over and over. I just want help so badly. Any support is greatly appreciated. :)
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May 03, 2011
I understand, its hard for everyone. I never really thought of my picking as an OCD type thing untill I started researching more about it. Its really hard to look at your self after picking and knowing what you just did to your body. I look at myself and say whew glad thats over and then I look again and say I cant believe Im doing this and why do I keep doing it.
May 03, 2011

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Thank you for understanding. I just feel horrible after I do it, and every time I try to make it my last but I guess it is a self-soothing thing. But then I feel guilty about doing it and it just continues.
May 03, 2011

In reply to by ghostoverground

Exactly the same for me. Many times before Ive told myself okay this is the last time Im going to do this then the next day Im doing it again. About the self-soothing I agree for me I get in this trance and once Im in it, its hard to break out of it untill there is nothing left to pick on my legs.

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