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ghostgirls , 03 May 2011

Finger skin picking - My story and tips

It's started in 6th grade, with biting my nails. I think I started biting the tops of my fingers to make my nails look longer. Then the sides of my fingers. I'm in 7th grade now, and it's awful. It bite my nails, but most the time it's my skin. I try to hide it.. If anyone asks I say im biting my nails. If my finger starts to bleed I'll wipe it on the inside of my shirt. I bite my cuticle alot. That's really embarrassing, because its so hard to get and i'll just slobber all over my thumb. The way my mouth moves is embarrassing to. I chew on my skin after I bite it off (I pick it with my mouth... Do you do this too?) and it's really odd & unattractive. I repetitively bit the skin on the top nuckle of my right thumb. It swelled up an was red and crusty... It was awful. People kept noticing so I forced myself not to chew there. I did great for awhile; my thumb went back to normal (although the creases on my thumb don't look exactly right) but I started again in that spot, but it's smaller. There are Places on my left and right thumb where I don't have feeling anymore, but mostly my right one. I chewed the feeling out of my thumb. I chew on all of my fingers, pinky the least. My right hand is worse because I'm a lefty and my right hand is available more. I've only told 1 person. I can't stop. So far here is what I'm trying: • band aids! I know, you can't put band aids on all your fingers, but pick the two you chew most, and stick it on. Take it off right before bed to let it breathe. If someone asks, say papercut on one and jammed finger or cut it while cooking on the other. Going no where over the weekend? Band aid up all your fingers. •bad taste! There is spray that you can put on your nails to make them taste gross-and there you go! I'm sure if it makes you nails taste gross, you can spray it wherever you bite. If you can't get ahold of this try soap. I hate the taste of my skin after washing my hands. Use a strongly scented one that you don't like the smell of, and use alot of it. •keep you hands busy! Keep marbles in you pocket, silly putty on your desk to mess with will help distract your hands. Something textured (or smooth whatever works best) in your pocket will work to. Just keep your hands away from your mouth! •gum! For me, its not just my hands moving, it's doing something with my mouth to. Chewing gum anytime you find yourself biting or have the urge helps tons. If you don't bite and just pick, don't worry about this. Well that's all I have for now. So do you do this too? Whats your story? Does this help? Any tips for me? Thank you for listening, I hope my tips help. (:

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