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Sandbox458850 , 04 May 2011


so I pick at the inside of my ears sometimes. And today in class I was picking and my ear started bleeding. My boyfriend saw that there was blood on my fingers and asked what it came from. I told him I picked at my ear. He wanted to see how bad it was but I wouldnt let him. I guess I was embarrested about it. The whole thing left me feeling really bad. I know my picking bothers him and usually I'm pretty open about it. But for some reason today I was just ashamed about it. I feel like I might be the reason we break up in the future... I just wish i could stop...
2 Answers
May 09, 2011
I feel ya girl. It's hard to feel pretty when your skin's all messed up and it's hard to feel worthy when people make you feel crazy. I wish there was a solution to end all of this now... I would give anything to stop picking...

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