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LunaGalaxies , 04 May 2011

Reading my book

Today I finished reading my book, Jekel Loves Hyde. It was pretty good. I am starting to notice when I read, I pick at my scalp a lot. I also do this in class when I'm thinking. What about you, who ever is reading this. What do you find your fingers doing when you're reading or thinking?
2 Answers
May 04, 2011
Today we had to take a test in class. As soon as we were done my boyfriend cane over to inspect my fingers. (he knows all about my picking and is pretty concerned about it). He said he saw me picking. I explained it was because I was thinking.
May 04, 2011
I definitely pick at my fingers, face, and scalp when I'm reading. Not so much when I'm thinking because picking can be mentally demanding somehow...? Anyway if I'm doing something that doesn't require the use of either of my hands (like watching tv) I'll knit to keep my hands occupied. The problem comes when I'm doing something that requires just one hand and the other is free!

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