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Scarred4lyfe , 05 May 2011

I primarily pick my legs and buttocks...can anyone relate?

Anyone here..focus mainly on your legs or buttocks area to pick? It can be quite embarassing if your intimate with someone. Luckily most of my scars on my butt faded ..but I have yet again started another wound there...*sigh*
4 Answers
May 06, 2011
Simply out of many wounds do you have at the worst of times in that area? I pick my legs and buttocks when people start basically "bitching" at me when they see the sores start on my face and arms. So just curious how yours would compare to mine.
May 07, 2011

In reply to by ATSMITH

It's hard to say...the most I had at any one given time on my buttocks was probably atleast 10-15 and that wasn't including my legs. It was really bad....deep wounds. Right now I have one spot I've been working on my buttocks, four areas on both legs and and a sore on each arm.
July 06, 2011
I thought I was the only one who picks the buttock area. I can't count the amount of wounds i have as well. I believe my situation might be worse because I pick also my stomach, chest, legs, arms, face, area behind the ears and bikini area. I feel like a freak because there is a scar on every inch of my body. It really is embarassing when I'm intimate with someone since it has to be completely dark before I can take my clothes off. The guy I'm with now says he doesn't care about the marks on my body but I am still self-conscious and also have low self-esteem.

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