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alex56 , 07 May 2011

has anyone tried INOSITOL?

ok, so inositol is nutrient that is already found in the human body. It can increase serotonin levels in the brain while balancing other chemicals of the brain. It can treat depression, panic disorder, help insomnia and treat OCD. a while back, while i was looking for more natural ways to treat my compulsive picking, i researched this and bought the pills. i am not sure how safe or effective they are but i tried taking them for about a week, but i stopped. Not because i had a bad side effect, but the nutrient can also speed up your metabolism. and my metabolism is already extremely fast so i immediately began losing weight, which i do not want and is not good for me. i wish i could try taking these pills again because im curious and cant decide if i should or not. Has anyone else tried these to treat their compulsive picking?

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