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me , 17 Sep 2008

tips on how to decrease or stop face scanning and picking

Hello everybody, I am 36 y. o female who is desperately trying to stop damaging my skin. from any I would love to hear any good suggestion from anybody in regards to that. Thank you all!
2 Answers
November 08, 2008
I posted this elsewhere, but I'll say it again and again because I think it will help--I don't know if you're like me--my biggest problem is when I'm relaxing, watching tv, reading, surfing the net, etc. Without thinking, I starting biting my fingers. A therapist who specialized in trichotillomania once gave me a couple plastic miniature slinkies, which sounds silly, but they worked! I tossed them a while back because I got lazy, but I just went to the dollar spot at Target and saw a medium-sized plastic slinky so I picked it up and already it has helped immensely. I keep it by the sofa and fiddle with it while I watch tv. I don't know how the sound doesn't drive my husband nuts but luckily he understands, and when he catches me chewing now, instead of complaining, he just says, "Where's your slinky?" So I definitely recommend going to the dollar store or party supply store and finding something that would work for you to keep your hands busy--it can be anything. And buy more than one so that they are always within reach. If that means in your pocket, on your night stand, on your coffee table or in the car, whatever. I think the trick is to make things as easy as possible for yourself, not any harder than they already are! Good luck--and if you hear any more good, practical ideas, please share!
November 24, 2008
I'm better about picking at my arms / legs when they aren't all bumpy. I use Paula's Choice ( 2% salicylic acid liquid or lotion twice daily all over my problem areas - arms, legs, backside, back, chest. I still haven't found anything that helps my scalp enough, but my other skin is much better now. I also keep my hands busy - I crochet or knit. I can do that while I watch TV. My bad times are at work at my computer and while driving long distances; I might try a squeezy toy (they have some cool ones that feel pretty neat) for those times - I was going to WalMart anyway. Good luck to us all!

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