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armpicker , 12 May 2011

new to the site. I pick my arms, nose, chest, face. mostly my arms.

I'm trying to turn a new leaf. I'm a nail biter, a finger biter, a lip biter, and a skin picker. I've been picking my arms since sixth grade (I'm now a senior in high school). I have awful scars that used to be limited to only my right arm, but now I've started picking my left as well. today I've started trying to knock out all of my bad habits at once. I brought lip balm and a nail file to school, and I've replaced nail biting with filing, and lip biting with lip-balm application. As for my arm picking, I constantly hold the lip balm and nail file (one in each hand) so that my hands are not free to mutilate myself. After a day of being bad-habit free, I feel anxious, and it makes me wonder if it's possible to actually be addicted to these habits. Will my skin heal? And will my anxiety subside over the next week? I need someone to relate to!
2 Answers
May 13, 2011
it's incredibly addictive. and just like eating disorders, you're absolutely NEVER completely cured. recovery lasts a lifetime. I'm going through the same thing.

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