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anonymous31894 , 14 May 2011


random but if anyone has ever gotten a fluid filled bump after squeezing a zit, how do you make it go down? it just keeps re-filling and i don't want to keep playing with it =/
1 Answer
May 14, 2011
Have you tried putting Tea Tree Oil on it? Ive heard it can be good. Or I often try to clean and dry it out as much as possible using an alcohol wipe, I push down hard on it and it seems to help the swelling go down and reduce the bump (also I like the way it stings). Ill then massage pure Vitamin E Oil into it. This has a few benefits; pure Vitamin E Oil (I use Bio Oil) reduces as well as avoids scaring (its brilliant to help scars fade), but also Ill do this as a means of trying to keep my hands busy, say when Im watching TV, while also getting to play but not pick at it. Hope this helps Good luck - and please let me know how it goes cheers,

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