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robo88 , 19 Sep 2008

by the time i have typed this..

..this WILL be the last time i will ever skin pick. I have been skin picking for about 7 years since i was a young teenager. I started picking my chest and arms and sometimes i would try and force to turn my head 180 degrees in order to see what i could pick behind my shoulder/back. About a year ago i decided to stop skin picking my face because whenever i decided to go out i would look like a red face mess and it would ruin my confidence! To cut short im going to UNI very soon, and i will from tonight have stopped picking. I will not look at my body as often, even though i am into gym related sports & i will try to keep a jumper on when i can as that seems to help me alot. R.I.P Skin Picking. 19.09.2008 21:24
3 Answers
September 20, 2008
Hi, You are very strong and motivated!!! Would you share any tips on how not to pick face?
September 21, 2008

In reply to by me

i think it just was me staying away from the mirror, you dont know it's there if you cant see it. Plus i was motivated as i wanted to go clubbing more often with my mates.
October 25, 2008
hey hope ur doing well. let us all know how ur doing! best of luck to u!

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