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ndsteph18 , 16 May 2011

AMAZING discovery for better skin!!!

AIRBORNE & APPLE CIDER VINEGAR....SOUNDS CRAZY BUT WORKS!!! I am a picker to the worst degree. I maul my face so so aggressively! One of the main reasons for this is that I have cystic acne, so a lot of my "pimples" aren't really pimples. They are super deep and painful lumps that don't (this might be gross) pop or explode the same way whiteheads do. So for these, I pick until I bleed, trying so hard to get rid of the stupid bumps! The other day I googled 'cystic acne remedies'. One of the first blogs I came across had a chain of people who found that taking Airborne (the over-the-counter vitamin c tablets) and using apple cider vinegar as astringent helped their cystic acne. At first I was skeptical, but there were over 20 people on the chain who swore by I tried it. I washed my face as I always do before bed with a very mild nutragena pump soap and a dime size amount of st ives apricot exfoliant, dried my face, and used some diluted apple cider vinegar (half water half vinegar) on a cotton ball to finish up. The smell is bad at first, but goes away after a few minutes. Then I dissolved one airborne tablet in a glass of water, drank it, and went to bed. In the morning I checked out my face....IT WAS AMAZING!!! Not only did I not have any new cysts but the existing ones were dramatically smaller and much less painful. I don't want to take a tablet everyday so I will have to experiment a good routine for them...packs only come with about 5 or 6 tablets, costing about $7, so I'm thinking twice a week? Apple cider vinegar is pretty cheap though so I will use that everyday. It dried up my face nicely without over drying it and closed up my pores a bit. I'm a little afraid the smell might come out when I sweat so again, it is something I will have to fool around with amount wise. So yea, if you have cystic acne and pick at it, I would give this a shot! Please let me know if it works for you!!!!!

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