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htmk , 17 May 2011

starting a 10 day challenge, feel free to join me!

So I tried a 30 day challenge and made it 19 days without picking. Since then I had my finals week for college and my grandpa died so I left in the middle of the week to go to his funeral, where I also found out that my dad lost his job, and then had to come back and take a discrete math final... so yeah I guess needless to say I have been really bad about picking the last few weeks. I really need to get back on track so I'm going to try and go 10 days without picking and then if that goes well just keep adding another 10 days until I hopefully stop.
5 Answers
May 17, 2011
If you star the challenge , I'm in. I think if I have a reason I might be able to stop , at least for awhile. Knowing that me stopping is also helping you stop, and you stopping is helping me as well... Will give me a reason to reconsider every time I think about picking
May 20, 2011
so i did ok today, I picked a little bit but a lot less than what I have been lately so I'm hoping that tomorrow I can start my streak of 10 pick free days
May 23, 2011
OK, I know i'm a little behind in starting this, but I'll give it a go too. Have managed to not pick my face at all for about 3 weeks, but then started doing little ones, and then ended up back where I was before. Added to which, when I don't pick my face, I start picking my chest, back and legs instead, which is really bad. So, just for now, I am aiming to do one whole day (the rest of today) without picking ANYWHERE. Fingers crossed.
May 24, 2011

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That sounds exactly like what I did, go for 19 days and then pick one which turns into two and before i know it im back to square one. Also you're definitely not too late, it wasn't until yesterday that I managed to go my first whole day without picking again so I'm on day 2 right now, hopefully I'll be able to get another no picking streak going

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