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played_gina , 21 May 2011

16 yrs old, want to be an actress but cant stop picking everywhere. need to STOP! Pleeease help x

Hi. I'm writing this at 3 in the morning because I'm lying here keeping myself awake picking and I've gone past the point of being tired. I've been picking since I was about 10. I pick my face, legs, back, neck, chest, arms and other areas...basically everywhere. I'm bloody sick of it now and really really just want to stop picking so my face can be clear and I can actually have a chance of acting when I'm older. Its so embarrassing having all of these scars upon scars all over my back and face. I used to cry a lot because of it. But nowadays I'm just angry about it. Its like, I KNOW that its absolutely no good for my skin and everytime I touch a spot it will get worse but I just can't stop, no matter how many fidget toys I have or distractions. I just can't stop and right now I just want to burst into tears and slap myself in the face for not stopping all those years ago when it wasn't so bad. Ugh, my face is hurting... I found this sight and thought " oh my god, I'm not the only person in the world with this problem. THERE ARE OTHERS! " so I'm basically asking for someone to help me or just someone to talk to about it who can empathise... My life dream depends on having a clear face and body. I mean, my mum is awesome and knows about my picking (not all of my picking) but I think its time to reach out to others after years of marking my face. I would really appreciate it if anyone would just reply and be someone I can talk to about this. I swear this is the most determined I've ever been to stop! Thanks for reading XX Ps. The username is because I played a girl called Gina in a film x
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May 22, 2011
I do ballet which requires having your hair up and wearing a leotard so having scars all over really really sucks. I totally get the feeling of just wanting to have clear skin so you can live your dream. I'm actually pretty good at ballet but I feel so gross all the time so my self-confidence is always really low. It sucks a lot. But anyway I just wanted to say that I understand and I'm here to talk if you wanna (:
May 26, 2011

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Oh my gosh I completly get that! I dance too and was always worried that Id have to wear a costume in dance college thats like just a leotard so the whole world can see my legs. The worst thing for me is at the barre while doing a plie excercise or something I know that the person behind me is probably looking at my back and its horrible cause Im thinking that they're thinking ewww her back is all scarred... :( ugh how miserable... but maybe over time if i just stop it will get better? I dunno, nobody really knows until they stop init. I hope your not letting your self-confidence stop you being awesome at ballet, just imagine your all alone at the barre, it helps me :) Thanks for replying. Im here to talk if you like, we seem to have dancing in common so at least someone understands that aspect of this thing ! x
June 01, 2011

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My back is really bad so I totally get that feeling of being at the barre and thinking about what the person behind you is thinking. My chest face arms and hands are really bad too so I just feel so exposed at ballet. I really love dancing but it's just so hard to get over my looks!
May 27, 2011
Hi. I know what you mean. I'm 17, I want to be an actress too and I just realised a few months ago that this picking has a name. I bite my lips, bite my cheeks (insode), pick my fingers and (not very often) my face. Sometimes I get strange looks from people... like this week. Our exam-time began and when I have to concentrate I start picking... sometimes I don't even notice doing it. And people stared. >.< I hate it.. so much! I'd love to talk about this with someone who has it too because I never had the chance to. So if you want to talk just go on xx :) (and sorry if i made some strange mistakes here... english is not my first language) ;)

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